Audit Proofing Your Organization

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For most ABA Organizations, selling to a PE firm is not an option as the minimum revenue requirement is $10 million and above. Does this mean that organizations with sales below $10 million can’t realize a financial exit? NO! There are several viable exit options for smaller, private agencies.

An ability to exit a business for several millions of dollars just doesn’t just happen. It takes work and diligence to make a business attractive to an acquirer. In short, an organization has to show that it’s running a tight ship. Acquirers are looking to mitigate their risk. One way demonstrate an organization’s ability to mitigate its greatest risk is to demonstrate its ability to successfully emerge from an insurance audit.

We will identify and provide the best practices to assist your organization in auditing.

  • Exit options and a picture of a tightly run ship
  • Audit proofing strategies upon business formation
  • Audit proofing strategies post formation
  • Proactive: risk mitigation strategies
  • Reactive: what to do when faced with an auditRights and obligations
  • Potential risks and outcomes

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