Mand Training Across Modalities: Effective Methods to Teach Functional Communication

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Many individuals with limited functional communication lack the important skill of manding. Being able to request for one’s own desires and needs is a powerful skill, and without this skill, quality of life may be detrimental. Being able to vocally mand is highly desirable, however, is not the only way to communicate. American Sign Language, modified sign language, picture exchange systems, and augmentative communication are all various forms of communicating. While mand training is similar across modalities, there are unique needs when developing a mand training intervention program for each communication modality.


Upon completion of Mand Training across Modalities: Effective Methods to Teach Functional Communication, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and select from 5 communication modalities based on consumer needs
  • Conduct a task analysis related to the communication needs of individuals
  • Design an intervention plan to increase functional communication

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