Group Rates

Our Group Rates Program is an ideal solution for companies with 20 or more employees. This program allows ABA organizations to access the highest quality training for clinical staff at all levels – from new hires, behavior technicians, RBTs and BCBAs. Additionally, with our Business series, leadership team members can access unique, proprietary content to use as a resource when making business decisions that affect clinical outcomes, ethics and operational effectiveness.

Our extensive catalog includes over 200 hours of training on ABA, Supervision, Ethics, ADHD, Organizational Ethics and other topics to support professionals, educators and parents to provide therapy and education to individuals with autism and other special needs.

Our trainings can be accessed in the following format:

Individual 2-hour training modules
10-hour series


Product Category Benefits Audience
Level 1 ABA Online Training 20 hour (9 teaching modules) training course to teach basic ABA implementation strategies and techniques Behavior Technicians
Level 2 ABA Online Training 20 hour (9 teaching modules) training course to teach advanced ABA implementation strategies and techniques to use in center, home and school settings Behavior Technicians
Level 3 ABA Online Training 20 hour (9 teaching modules) training capstone course to teach the full scope and process of creating and running ABA programs in different settings Behavior Technicians
Registered Behavior Technician 2.0 Training RBTs

This program provides the ability to purchase licenses in bulk at a fraction of the cost (up to 70% off). One of our Specialist will develop a group rate program that works with your current organization’s needs, anticipated turn-over rates, and expected clinical staff growth. This way your organization gets the best deal on the market for your company’s current and short-term future needs.

Along with a cost effective solution, the Group Rates take into account that within the behavioral health field, staff turn-over rates are averaging between 35-45%. With the Group Rates Program, you can mitigate risk with potential staff turn over with our exclusive Staff-Turn-Over-Protection. If a staff member leaves your team, for only $10 you can transfer the remainder of the license to your next employee without the need to activate another license.

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