Big Money in ABA Series- Module 1: Who’s Buying? Who’s Selling? Who’s Winning? Who’s Losing? LIVE 10/16/19



To date, the field of ABA has seen nearly $2 BILLION dollars of capital investment in mergers and acquisitions (M&A)… activity from Private Equity (PE) firms. The 55 or so PE firms currently in the field of ABA manage over $1.5 TRILLION dollars of investment money — controlling hundreds of BILLIONS of “dry powder” which has yet to be spent. There are many more NEW PE firms (not yet in our field) very aggressively seeking to add Autism businesses to their investment portfolio.

As of today…

  1. 55 Private Equity firms have invested in ABA service providers
  2. There have been 20 ABA “Platform” Companies created
  3. There have been 10 PE exits (via sale to larger PE firms)
  4. Three PE-backed Platform companies have realized multiple exits (original platform sold multiple times to other PE firms)
  • Sequel Youth and Community Services  (2010, 2013, and 2017)
  • Learn-it-Systems / Learn Behavioral (2016, 2019)
  • Hopebridge (2017, 2019)

There are nearly 90 MEGA ABA agencies (1,00 to 5,000 employees) in operation today

Of the 23 for-profit MEGA agencies, over 50% are owned or backed by PE firms

We can talk data all day long, but the real question is…  what does this mean for independent (for-private) ABA agencies? BCBAs and RBTs? Clients, who receive ABA services? For the profession of ABA? For the ABA “industry?”

After the dust has settled, the hyper mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity has subsided and BIG Money has left the field, what will remain? Will the ABA Industry still exist? Should we care?

In our 2-hour LIVE Webinar, Big Money in ABA: Who’s Buying? Who’s Selling? Who’s Winning? Who’s Losing?, (1) we will review the results of exhaustive research conducted on this topic so that (2) participants can gain a better understanding of the micro and macro trends affecting the field of behavior analysis. (3) We will review the impact – both positive and negative – of BIG money flowing in (and out) of the field. (4) Lastly, we will engage in a dialogue to identify proactive measures agency owners, BCBAs and RBTs can take to protect the integrity of the science of behavior analysis.




  • Karen Chung
  • Jon Bailey, PhD, BCBA-D
  • Investment Banking Firm with Extensive M&A Experience in ABA

Date: October 16, 2019

Time: Noon to 2:00 pm CENTRAL

Price: $199


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