Ethics of Medicaid Fraud: Scenarios and Q&A with Dr. Jon Bailey, BCBA-D


Join us as we continue our journey of exploring this critically important topic by analyzing cases and providing answers to questions submitted by BCBAs and behavioral services agencies across the U.S.

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Dr. Jon Bailey, BCBA-D and 3 exceptional panelists explored the topic of Ethics of Medicaid Fraud. In reviewing previous cases of Medicaid fraud, it was clear that for those agencies sanctioned by Medicaid in FL, and other behavioral agencies previously sanctioned – and even convicted – for healthcare fraud, ethics was either a non-consideration or just plain “thrown out the window.”

But what we also learned during that session is that there are many, many agencies with a strong commitment to ethics, at both professional and organizational levels, looking for direction on how to put systems and controls in place to avoid situations such as billing fraud and other health care fraud and abuse from occurring at all.


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