Multidisciplinary Collaboration Series- Module 3: EDUCATORS & ABA


In our 3rd installment of the Multidisciplinary Collaboration Series, we examined the fields of Education and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in a hybrid didactic-symposium format and bridge the gap to successful collaboration.


CEU: 2 Type-II (BACB®)

CE: 2 General Learning (QABA®)

Educators make a huge positive impact on their students in the general education setting and the special education sector.  Sometimes, educators work with students who need extra support and require Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  However, the roles and responsibilities of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA® ) in the classroom setting are not always clear to either the educator or the BCBA.  This disconnect can lead to miscommunication, which in turn has a direct negative impact on the students’ outcomes.


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