Multidisciplinary Collaboration Series Module 4: Psychologist and ABA Collaboration


In our 4th installment of the Multidisciplinary Collaboration Series, we examined the fields of Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA); identified the commonalities and distinctions of each field. We outlined the professional best practices that transcend both disciplinary fields to improve communication, clarity and workflow so that the client benefits from the best of both worlds.


(BACB®) 2 Type II
(QABA®) – 2 General (In-person)
APA: 2 General (Home Study) 

Psychologists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs® ) often work with the same student or client in the school and clinic settings. Both fields share the same ultimate goal for the client:  “Meaningful functional and socially-significant change.”

Each profession has it’s own area of expertise in evidence-based modalities in helping the student/client achieve his/her goals. Differences and misunderstandings can create tension, confusion and decrease progress.

The opportunity that blooms when these two professionals work in cohesion can result in monumental gains on the challenging path toward independence.



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