Strategies to Increase Beginner Classroom Participation Skills


This 120-minute webinar will identify beginning classroom behaviors that all children must possess to be successful in a group environment and specific strategies to help achieve these skills for children with autism and other special needs.


CEs: 2 Type-II (Included with purchase)

CEs: 2 QABA® General (Included with purchase)

Our Webinar Series will look in detail at key components to incorporate in the classroom with the goal of helping you increase a child’s appropriate classroom behavior and time in the inclusive environment.

While providing real-life examples of success and difficulties we will focus on strategies you can implement today as we study specific classroom behaviors from assessment to successful behavior change procedure implementation. Each event will total 100 minutes with a review of practice and methodology designed for teachers, paraprofessionals, BCABA’s and BCBA’s working and consulting in schools, and other professionals working in a classroom environment with children with autism and related disorders.


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