Supervision Considerations for International Markets


In the third webinar of our Best Practices in Supervision Series, we will provide an unvarnished look at challenges of providing behavior analytic supervision in International markets.


(BACB®) – 3 Type II or Supervision
(QABA®) – 3 General or Supervision
APA: 3 General (Home Study)

It is well known that in International markets ethics-related issues are rampant. Severe lack of resources and limited understanding of ABA pose significantly greater challenges than in the U.S., the most severe of those being financially-driven predatory behavior. With our panelists, we will review real ethical scenarios submitted by International BCBAs and engage in a dialogue about the impact on the quality of care given current market condition. We will close by discussing realities faced by International BCBAs and the frequent need to choose between providing direct services versus providing supervision for the next generation of BCBAs.



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