Audio & Video Learning (Type-II) Library


We believe that a well rounded ABA practitioner should be exposed non-clinical, but highly relevant topics like Ethics, Supervision, Collaboration, International, and Transition/Sex Ed. and others that are typically not offered during conferences and other  CE opportunities.


BACB® – 37 Type II, Ethics, and Supervision
QABA® – 37 General, Ethics, and Supervision
APA® – 22 General (Home Study) 

Behavior analysts lead challenging lives. If there’s not enough time in a day to provide services and supervision, where do you find the time to continue to hone your skills and stay on top of new developments?

That’s where we come in! With our Video Learning Library for Behavior Analysts, you can access exceptional content that allows you to meet 100% of your CE re-certification requirement from your office, home or wherever you happen to be, easily and cost-effectively.


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